"half-dollar"/"50 cent piece" Was: Recovering the ROM of an IBM 5100 using OCR

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This is interesting. How long ago was that out of curiosity? I keep
thinking to ask my bank if they have any dollar coins or half dollar rolls
(probably doing them a favor by trading for more common currency) same with
$2 bills. Might as well get them before they're really out of circulation
unless that already happened.

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> Just for fun, I went to the bank and bought about $1000 in half dollar and
> dollar coins. My son collects them, and we went through them all. We did
> find some silver half dollars. The ones we are not keeping now go to
> whatever fast food or corner store is needed. Some like them, some hate
> them! Most tell me they have not seen them in years.
> Cindy
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> I have not seen any half dollars in circulation in some time. They are
> just
> too big to fit in people skinny jeans these days.
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> >>> I saw this half-dollar sized plastic fob on the desk and asked what
> >>> it was for.
> The big failure of the Susan B. Anthony coin was that it was about the
> same size (slightly different shape) as a quarter-dollar coin, causing
> people to mistake them as such on occasion.
> It was *extremely* unpopular.
> FWIW, I just checked my "loose change" container that sits atop my
> bedroom dresser.  There were two Kennedy half-dollars--one from 1968 and
> the other from 1983.  I suspect that a great many are still in
> circulation.
> --Chuck
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