PDP-11/60 manuals needed

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Thu Feb 28 13:19:32 CST 2019

    > From: Jay Jaeger

    > I have EK-11060-OP-003: "PDP-11/60 installation and operation manual"
    > and an update EK-11060-OP-C1.

Yeah, that's the one I referred to as "the general -11/60 manual"; generally,
there's one such for all the -11 models, but the exact name varies from model
to model (unlike, say, the CPU tech manuals, the name for which is pretty

    > let me know and I will scan it in and stick it on my Google drive in a
    > day or two or three

That would be great; thanks very much! No rush at all...

    > I also have a spare processor handbook, EB-06498-20/77

We do have that one, thanks.

BTW, looking a little more closely at the cabinet/power-supply manual
(pg. 1-7), the KD11-K TM might _only_ be available on fiche. If so, that'll be
the first time I've ever seen that. Oddly enough, further down the page, the
FP11-E TM seems to be available in printed form (EK-FP11E-TM).

    > From: Ethan Dicks <ethan.dicks at gmail.com>

    > I've seen Tech Manuals printed as 2-up on C-sized paper

Yeah, generally things from the -11/20 era are like that (e.g. the RK11-C
manual). Nothing later than that that I've ever seen, though.

    >>> I have the two BA11 cabinets for an 11/60, the PSUs, and the front
    >>> panel (I'm missing the rack).

    > "the rack" is just the outer box with rails (not an H960 - whatever the
    > designation is for the odd 11/60 cabinet).

I think it's the H9500 low-boy corporate cabinet, per Chapter 5 in
the cabinet/power manual.

    > The backplanes are in the BA11s. I seem to have both MOS and core
    > memory and, I am fairly sure, an RK611, along with the CPU. I need to
    > take a module inventory.

You seem to have most of the crucial bits, although you might be missing
the power harness.

Do you have the optional WCS module (M7870)? There are also ROM modules, and
a diagnostic module, that can go in that slot - only one of the three at a
time, though.


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