PDP-11/60 manuals needed

Josh Dersch derschjo at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 15:23:19 CST 2019

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> > > Yes, it almost certainly is (without seeing it, I can't be 100%, but it
> > > sounds like it is). Is it by any chance EK-KD11K-TM-001?
> That part number is for a print-set, specifically the Technical Manual
> for the KD11K processor, revision 1.
> > The 11/60 handbook doesn't have that kind of designation.   It's EB06498
> That is a paperback.
Correct.  It's like all the other DEC handbooks from that era, printed on
that lovely grade triple-Z paper that falls apart if you look at it wrong.
This one's held together better than most.  Happy to send it to Noel if
it's actually of use.

- Josh

> I'm following the discussion because I have the two BA11 cabinets for
> an 11/60, the PSUs, and the front panel (I'm missing the rack).  There
> is scant info out there and I'm interested in anything that turns up.
> -ethan

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