BASIC for HP 1000, 21xx series

ED SHARPE couryhouse at
Sun Feb 24 12:51:36 CST 2019

opps     seem   you  checked  HP museum  already   .. sorry typed  to  quickly

I  seen  to  remember  a  core  resident    version of  basic  from paper  tape  but   do not  seem to have seen it in  years   .... may  be  warehoused  if   we  still have  one

YES!  it   would  be  fin  to play  with!

In a message dated 2/24/2019 3:04:03 AM US Mountain Standard Time, cctalk at writes:
Back in ''70, sometimes we were running "basic" BASIC ( NOT Time sharing ) on 2116B, 2100A, just for FUN.
Is there some copy still around ??
I had a look in Google, Bitsavers, HPmuseum, with NO success.
Thank for help and/or advise.

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