Compaq 9000 Rack Thumb Screw

Ali cctalk at
Sat Feb 23 19:22:35 CST 2019

> I think that thee thumb screws actually mate to the outer rail (shelf)
> that the StorageWorks units slide into.  I don't think they actually
> mate to cage nuts.

Some of them do. These ones don't. You need to install a cage nut behind the screw. I have to do the same thing for the actual Proliant 3000 Server.

> I don't know if they are M5 or M6 threads.

The cage nuts I use are M6 threaded and the thumb screw fits perfectly.

> The spring is nice.
> The tapered nose to make alignment and starting the threads nicer than
> a
> flat faced screw.  But that's just nice to have and not necessary.


> I don't think I've ever seen the screws separate.  I've always seen the
> the metal face plate with thee screws sold as a unit.  Try looking for
> that on the usual haunts.

I hate to have the ruin a good part to get the screw off (which is why I was asking if anyone has anything lying around) but I agree that may be the only way to get a replacement.



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