Compaq 9000 Rack Thumb Screw

Ali cctalk at
Sat Feb 23 17:16:48 CST 2019

Slightly off topic for list although the rack and equipment are almost 20
years old now....

I got me a hand me down Compaq Proliant StorageWorks UE Rack. Basically it
is a rack case that can hold 14 drives. The case is secured to the cabinet
with two thumb screws (see attached pictures). These are like standard thumb
screws except there is a spring component to them as well (I assume to give
wiggle so it is easier to match screw to cage nut).

You can see pictures of the screws in this VCF post:

On my hand me down the one on the left is missing. I have looked and there
doesn't seem to be a Compaq part number (I think the screws are press fitted
into the metal frame so not really user replaceable). I don't think there is
anything special about the screw and I can always use a standard M6 screw
for the missing side. However, I'd like to try and match/restore the
original. I have tried googling for theses screws but I am not coming up
with the right item. I am guessing I am not using the right terms or names
for the screws. So does anyone have some broken/parts Compaq rack equipment
where I can have the screws? Or can point me to a source online to get a
replacement? TIA!


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