IBM 3174 C 6.4 Microcode Disks?

Jay Jaeger cube1 at
Sat Feb 23 08:31:54 CST 2019

Al, that was actually a quote from a message I wrote - I am the one with
the 3274 floppies.

Let me know what you are looking for.

I am not at all familiar with what makes a "set", though I suppose I
could just send the latest version I can find with each of the different
sorts (SYST - which I took to be System, FEAT which I could to be
Feature, and LANGUAGE that match your model.

I found this in the IBM announcement letter:

"One Feature Diskette and two System Diskettes are shipped with each 3274.

For Models 31A, 31C, 31D, or 51C that are upgraded to Configuration
Support D, a Language Diskette is also shipped. "

If your 3274 does not have configuration support D, these might not
work?   Or maybe it was just a matter of needing to install the right
Configuration support for the attached devices? I dunno (shrugs shoulders).

Looking at the manuals on bitsavers, none of them mention this higher
level of configuration support.  I did find mention of it in an IBM
announcement letter online, at

And it says this:

"Configuration Support D (#9124): (Models 31A, 31C, 31D, 51C) Provides
support for all 3270 functions included in Configuration Support C plus
support for:"


"Configuration Support: The Configuration support required for the 3274
must be determined before ordering special features or attaching certain
terminals. Refer to the 3274 Control Storage Requirements Tables under
"Special Feature" Extended Function Store (EFS) for a detailed listing
of the functions supports by each option. Field Installation: Yes.
(Configuration Support D #9124 is field installation only for Models
31A, 31C, and 31D.) Customer Setup: Yes. Limitations: Certain functions
require host software support in order to be utilized. Refer to host
programming support descriptions to determine the levels of software

So, unless yours is a 31A, 31C, 31D or 51C maybe these won't work?

Let me know.


On 2/20/2019 12:42 PM, Al Kossow via cctalk wrote:
> On 2/19/19 7:39 PM, Jim Stefanik via cctalk wrote:
>> Well, it turns out my floppies are for *3274* rather than 3174.  But, 
>> that said, if anyone needs any of them, let me know: just shipping cost. 
> I can use them. I ended up with one w/o media

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