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Wed Feb 20 10:15:58 CST 2019

On Wed, 20 Feb 2019, Grant Taylor via cctalk wrote:

> On 2/20/19 7:39 AM, geneb wrote:
>> They may have a physical presence in the EU, which would cause the GDPR to 
>> apply to them.  However, for companies with no physical presense in the EU, 
>> I don't see how the law could apply.
> I agree with your logic.
> However your valid logic is contrary to my understanding.
> I've seen reference to too many entities that don't have a presence in the EU 
> that are doing things like blocking EU access to websites specifically 
> because of GDPR.
> I don't have details on /how/ GDPR applies or /why/ people in the US are 
> running scared of it.  But I've seen many references to people doing exactly 
> that.

Based on what I've read, the only possible way the GDPR could apply to a 
US company (with no EU physical presence) is if you're selling or 
marketing directly to EU citizens.  For the sites and "services" I 
provide, the EU is invited to see Figure One. ;)


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