Ultimate FDC? (Was: IBM 6360 - Filesystem(ish) info?

Ali cctalk at ibm51xx.net
Tue Feb 19 20:06:55 CST 2019

Fred,> Are we being a little sarcastic or serious? >:)>>A lot of BOTHJust making sure. ;)>I would like to see software for flux >transition hardware that would >extract sectors.>THEN, I would like to see that software as >a >subroutine, with an interface similar to >INT13h.>THEN, I would like to see that ROMable, >either on a physical ROM, or >loaded into RAM, with the INT13h vestor >repointed to it.That would make for a very powerful tool but as you pointed out yourself how many users would learn to use it? Unless it is a simple driver that gets loaded and the user has to simply put in a couple of generic parameters, e.g. "device=c:\drives\emudsk.sys APPLE", and it is up and running most users won't be able to make use of it.>My preference would be REAL MODE (DOS).As would mine but would a 286 be able to do it? And if you have a machine that runs real mode DOS why not make use of the HW that is there?>Match Point could be implemented in >software on the Central Point board.Great. Then if the DOB HW is duplicated then that part can be SW and no need to have Match Point HW duplicated. I am surprised the Copy II PC DOB card did not handle Apple II disks along with Mac disks. >CompatiCard was just an ordinary FDC, >without the crippling corners cut.True, but if you are building the ultimate FDC then you don't want crippling corners cut. So something functionally equivalent.>SO, you are asking for FDC plus flux >transition, but better integrated, >rather than flux transition hardware >interrupting the drive cable.Yes! All on one card. Throw in FDADAP functionality to properly write 8" disks and you have a controller that handles most if not all IBM, Apple II, and Mac disks. As I understand it, in my limited way, having both FM and MFM should allow for many CP/M formats including SD. Will some formats be left out? Sure. Will it be as powerful as a Kyro Flux for archiving? Heck no. But will it let me pop in my original 123 disk and copy it for use with out too much hassle and work? Of course. >There are a few exceptions, such as Pro-lock.Well then you had the ENHANCED Deluxe Board. :)>But, in quite a few cases, people have >disassembled (now illegal under >DMCA!), found the vulnerabilities and >simply disabled the copy protection. Yes but that is harder and harder to find. They were never public but each city had multiple BBSes offering such altered programs. And of course the other problems w/ this method is you are confined to the one altered version  (even if you own a later version). Also there is no guarantee the alterations will not cause a bug that will crop up later due to a lack of total testing.-Ali

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