Kemners Surplus - Real time walkthrough

Fred Cisin cisin at
Mon Feb 18 17:48:24 CST 2019

On Mon, 18 Feb 2019, TeoZ via cctalk wrote:
> I hated using a typewriter for school reports so when I purchased a C64 in 
> the 80's I used that for reports. The only thing an electronic word processor 
> had over a C64 was a very nice display (monochrome) compared to a TV for the 
> C64. I forget if the printers on those things were dot matrix or actual 
> characters.

Which ones?

There were word processors with Selectric I/O, Daisy wheels, and some dot 
matrix (for people who didn't need "letter quality").

Laser Printers came into existence in the mid 1970s.  But, the first 
mass-market one was the HP laserjet in 1984, followed by the Apple 
LaserWriter (Postscript!) in 1985.  Both of those were Canon CX engine.
Then lots more in subsequent years.
HP Deskjet in 1988 was probably the first 300DPI for less than $1000

Hardly no C64 users had laser printers or inkjets until much later.

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