Shock and vibration are legitimate diagnostic tools.

Jeffrey S. Worley technoid6502 at
Sat Feb 16 15:58:23 CST 2019

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These hardware wizard stories remind me of a legendary repair wizard,
> non-computer industrial devices I think.  He was called in to fix a
> tricky problem at the customer site.  Studied it for a while, took
> out a small hammer, whacked the device at some spot, and reported
> "fixed".  He then sent in a bill for $500

That has been my line any time I've needed to know if a machine had a
'flaky'.  Sometimes, on the phone, ask a customer to give the machine a
kick.  They always balk, but I tell them "Shock and vibration are
legitimate diagnostic tools", and that usually convinces them.  In
situations I suspect the problem is a flaky, it often results in a
'working' system and the customer says "oh wow!  you Fixed it!".  To
which I say NO NO NO.  It is not Fixed, only the problem is now
revealed.  I'll be over shortly to actually bolt down what needs
bolting or otherwise make the machine immune to shock and



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