IBM 3174 C 6.4 Microcode Disks?

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Fri Feb 15 20:01:50 CST 2019

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>> Knowledge Center refers to it as IBM i, but it is not the name of a
>> system it is just the name of another OS that runs on IBM Power systems
>> and can even be vitalized on a system with other OSes.
> IBM moved the AS/400 onto POWER processors. The TIMI (sp?) firmware
> made this doable and binaries were portable from the old hardware. The
> OS was renamed i5/OS.
> Later they replaced the proprietary POWER hardware with generic POWER
> servers, and they renamed the OS to IBM i.
> IBM supports 3 OSes on POWER servers now: AIX, Linux and IBM i.
> Silly name, though.

Only the very first RISC based AS/400s where really different hardware, 
by the turn of the century when the second generation of RS64 / Power3 
systems where coming along there was already a lot of common hardware 
between AS/400or iSeries and RS/6000 or pSeries  only by Power5 time the 
hardware was all the same except iSeries was still clinging to the IOP 
but even that went away with Power 6 and even the support for Twinax WSC 
is gone now  since the last ones where PCI.


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