Paging Eric Smith, or current owner of DECSYSTEM-2065 from RCS/RI

John Wilson wilson at
Fri Feb 15 15:57:25 CST 2019

No luck with direct email (to either spacewar or brouhaha) or LinkedIn PM.
I've been cleaning out my old garage and in the process, discovered some
sheet metal (a pair of back doors for a double-wide cab, and one of the
four white separator shims that goes between the three cabs) which belonged
to the KL10 system that I donated to RCS/RI eons ago (and which they
apparently sold rather than keep).  Even though it's just cosmetic, and
minor at that, I'd love to reunite this stuff with the rest of the system,
wherever it wound up.  I don't have the heart to scrap it (which is how I
ended up with an 1100 sq ft garage full of antique computers in the first
place, obviously).

John Wilson
Monson, MA

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