IBM 3174 C 6.4 Microcode Disks?

Jay Jaeger cube1 at
Fri Feb 15 10:22:13 CST 2019

On 2/14/2019 9:28 PM, Kevin Monceaux via cctalk wrote:
> Classic Computer Fans,
> I posted this to the IBM-Legacy-Hercules mailing list.  I just realized it
> probably wouldn't hurt to post it here too.
> I'm finally in possession of a box that hopefully is capable or can be made
> capable of connecting a real terminal to Hercules.  It's a 3174 11L.  It was
> retired last year where I work.  I finally got the okay to save it from
> being sent to a scrapper.  I love the build quality of older IBM gear,
> except when I'm trying to move such gear.  Between the 3174 and a 9406-520 I
> also acquired, I pulled or strained something in my left arm moving them
> into place.
> It's currently wired to run on 220v.  I think I've seen mentioned somewhere
> that it can be changed to run on 110v.  If that's the case, does anyone have
> a pointer to documentation on what's involved?
> It has dual floppy drives.  At least one drive is a 2.4MB drive.  But, all
> the microcode disks I have are at level B 4.6.  Does anyone know where I can
> get a set of C 6.4 control and control extension disks.  From what I've
> heard those are what's needed to enable an attached terminal to connect to
> other systems via telnet.
> It has a token ring card.  I will probably be able to get the MAU it was
> connected to, and possibly the router that acted as a token ring to Ethernet
> bridge.
> I'm not sure how much memory it has.  Does anyone have any tips on
> determining the amount of memory it has, and/or identifying its boards?
> These are the numbers on its boards:
>     9210
>     9351
>     9052 z2
>     9053
>     9501
> Plus the boards for coax connections.

I have some 3174 floppy disks, but I don't know what - they are not in
my inventory.  I will put it on my queue to look at them - but it may be
a couple of weeks.  I don't hold out much hope, but I will look.

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