IBM 3174 C 6.4 Microcode Disks?

Kevin Monceaux Kevin at
Fri Feb 15 09:03:17 CST 2019


On Thu, Feb 14, 2019 at 11:37:34PM -0600, Jim Stefanik via cctalk wrote:
> As for my system, I've got a z800 (a 2066-0A1 to be exact).  


> It's got ESCON, so I've got an Optica converter box of which the model
> number escapes me; but it's the replacement/alternative to the IBM Pacer
> boxes.  That allows bus and tag gear to connect up to ESCON channels.

My 3174 was last attached to a z890, 2086-A04, via a similar ESCON converter
box.  Actually, they might be the same.  The name Optica sounds familiar.
We have five or six of them under the floor.  I haven't pulled them yet, but
they're on my list.  Since we've downgraded to an AS/400 based platform, the
powers that be want "all that old mainframe stuff" out of our computer room.
Fortunately I managed to get permission to haul off as much as I can myself
before they get recyclers involved.  Now if I could only fit a z890 in my
minivan.  :-)

I know, they're not called AS/400s any more.  We're on a POWER 8 box,
an 8286-41A.  But until IBM comes up with a new name that's an improvement
over AS/400, we're sticking with that name.  Apple was already using the
letter i, and giving the platform a single letter name makes searching for
online information about the platform a challenge.


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