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> On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 11:18 AM Al Kossow <aek at <>> wrote:
> >/Does it have the 800 bpi option board? />//
> I haven't yet unboxed it. I took photos of the outside of the destroyed box
> to send to the shipper. The front bottom left corner of the 88780 is
> visible through a hole in the box, and is visibly mangled.
I acquired mine as a piece of decommissioned hardware where I worked. 
It came home with me in my car.

Some time later (mid 90s) I loaned it to a friend for some contract work
at <a likely-bankrupt public utility in San Francisco>.  I drove it up
there and delivered it on a cart.  The stars, however, did not align for
getting it back to me the same way so they shipped it to me where I
worked.  There was some damage to the plastic front cover and control
panel mounts.  I was able to repair or work around most of it, and the
unit still works fine to this day. (Well, the plastic take-up reel is

Pretty much everything I have that could go in a rack I fetched myself
rather than having it shipped to me.  While one can't always do that, I
recently carted home an HP 3455A multimeter from Los Angeles, some 400
miles.  I was already in the area, otherwise I don't think I'd've made
the round trip just for it.

> Based on the service manual, it appears that option 800 requires:
> * buffer PCA 07980-6xx14 (512K) or 07980-6xx34 (1M)
> * read/write/formatter PCA 07980-6xx31
Mine has the 800 bpi option.  Not by inspection, but by operation.

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