Mounting HP7970e 9-Trk 1/2" Tape Drive

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Mon Feb 11 13:14:19 CST 2019

At 11:48 AM 2/11/2019, Tapley, Mark wrote:
> > On Feb 11, 2019, at 12:24 PM, Jack Harper via 
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> > At 10:16 AM 2/11/2019, Fred Cisin via cctalk wrote:
> >> ...Need to bolt the rear to the floor, or 
> something SOLID, and extend the "footprint" of 
> the front to include where the center of 
> gravity is when fully extended.  And a bit 
> more, so that setting a tool or elbow on it doesn't topple it.
> >
> > I bolted the 19" rack with the two HP7970 
> drives down to a 3/4" thick plywood base about 
> 36" square or so and then anchored that to the 
> concrete floor - before I installed the drives.
> >
> > See 
> for yet another exciting photo :)
> >
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> > Best to the List -
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> > Jack in the Rocky Mountains.
>Jack, this looks like a pretty good idea in the 
>short term. But, every piece of concrete I have 
>ever been associated with has been off-gassing 
>water at a slow rate. I have stored wood 
>face-down on concrete enough times that I should 
>know better, and it has always been ruined - 
>rotted - by constant exposure to that water 
>off-gassing. The wood traps the water (which 
>would normally have no problem evaporating, 
>because it is a very slow rate) which then rots 
>the wood. Now whenever I store wood flat, I put 
>bricks or something between it and the concrete so there is an air-gap.
>Unless there is a pretty impermeable water 
>barrier between the plywood and the concrete, I 
>would say that solution is not trustable for 
>more than about 6 months of service at the 
>outside. Even if there is, I would check pretty 
>often around the bolt holes, because I think the 
>bolts penetrated the barrier and the wood around the bolts will be rotten soon.
>Comments and corrections most welcome from 
>anyone who has more experience, of course; YMMV and I Am Not a Carpenter

>                                                                 - Mark

Well, amazing indeed Mark -

I can see the headline now: "Local Computer Nerd 
Squished and Killed Instantly by Collapsing Rack 
of Ancient Electronics of Unknown Purpose. Body 
Mangled Horribly beyond Recognition. Nerd asked 
to be Buried with Ashes of Cat and Thumb Drive of 
what appears to be Software from the 1970's".

I did not know that about concrete and wood.

I will definitely keep an eye on the thing.

The Good News is that it is extremely dry with 
very low humidity here at 8,000-feet (2,300 meters) elevation.

Best to the List -

Jack in the Rocky Mountains.

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