Amiga, AtariST, soft repos [was: Re: Looking for: 68000 C compilers]

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Sun Feb 10 19:53:09 CST 2019


Thanks for the tips and info.


- C-Lab Notator - I do not think I will need this, as it seems to be
  musician's stuff.

- Amiga vs Atari quality - I have never had any hands on experience
  with AtariST, so I will stick to other people's opinions for a

- TOSEC - I have checked and they are mentioned in Wikipedia: : "The Old School Emulation
  Center (TOSEC) is a retrocomputing initiative founded in February
  2000 initially for the renaming and cataloging of software files
  intended for use in emulators" and their website works - cool.

The verdict for me, so far, is that in short term I will stick to
trying some AtariST emulator and see how far it takes me. Long term,
the chance I go back to Amiga seems a bit higher now. I have no
intention to play games (well, maybe some) and want to see how useful
such emulators can be for playing with Forth or MK68 assembler. At
least such is wishful thinking because I cannot divert too much time
yet and besides I remember a post from alt.sysadmin.recovery decades
ago where a guy played with virtual machine at work, then came home to
play with IIRC mac emulation on windows emulation on something and he
sounded a bit insane (kind of "have I woke up from the simulation or I
am in upper level simulation" syndrome, only perhaps he thought he was
a computer)... So I got to thread gently, I guess?

Anyway, this small project is far away & stuck in a fifo right now. I
am just collecting threads to connect them later.

Thanks for help.

Tomasz Rola

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