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Nigel Williams nw at
Sat Feb 9 22:20:15 CST 2019

Been catching up on a backlog of scanning, grab what you like. Manuals
indicated with an asterisk are available for cost of packing+shipping
if you want something printed. This offer will expire in about a week
so please indicate interest early.

Burroughs [1]
* B2000_B3000_B4000 Work Flow Language Reference Manual Oct-1980
* B4000_B3000_B2000 Series BPL Reference Manual Jul-1978
* B4000_B3000_B2000 Series Data Management System II Users Manual Mar-1979
* B4000_B3000_B2000 Series DMS II DASDL Reference Manual May-1979
* B4000_B3000_B2000 Series DMS II Host Language Reference Manual May-1979
BJ-8-B8500 System Reference Manual May 1967
Various B6700 manufacturing documents

Burroughs TD700 manuals [2]
TD700 Central Control Schematic
TD700 Display Assembly (Head Unit) A2
TD700 Keyboard Assembly A1
TD700 Logic and Power Supply Assembly
TD700 Power Supply schematic
TD700 PW Board Assembly driver (interim)
TD700 Unit Travel Log

Misc [3]
* Freedom 220 USERS MANUAL Preliminary Edition
* Microsoft utility software package reference manual for 8080
microprocessors 8102-343-04
* The COPS Programming Manual National Semiconductor Feb 1985 [2]
* Users Manual for the VG-920 Terminal (Tentative)
* CPL is a First Aid Kit by Dr AA Grainger UTAS CC


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