Mounting HP7970e 9-Trk 1/2" Tape Drive

Alan Frisbie flash688 at
Wed Feb 6 17:43:38 CST 2019

Jack Harper <harper at> wrote:

> I got both drives into the rack this past weekend and I am an old guy
> (67) - I carefully stared at the thing before I started and finally
> figured out that I could, in fact, lift the drive from a waist high
> cart for a few seconds, but definitely could not lift it or lower it
> vertically with my arms - no way - and I would have one shot at
> getting the drives into the rack on the rails.

Harbor Freight sells a nice hydraulic lift table for under $200 that
I have found very useful for that sort of thing.   It doesn't go up
very high (like for the top of a rack), but I used it with some wood
blocks to lift a DEC ES45 Alpha system into a rack by myself.

500 pound capacity, 28.5" lift height, $170

1000 pound capacity, 34.5" lift height, $260

Alan Frisbie

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