Mounting HP7970e 9-Trk 1/2" Tape Drive

Jack Harper harper at
Wed Feb 6 11:26:25 CST 2019

At 01:59 PM 2/5/2019, you wrote:

>by my lonesome, I was determined not to repeat the process. The rack,
>VTW, is from an old HP Storage Array, which has a nice anti-tip pullout
>on the bottom.
>I constructed a dolly for the HP drive that allows me to roll it around
>where I need it. It's low enough that it can slip under a table.
>I should have done the same for the Fuji drive, now that i think about it.
>I leave the heavy lifting to the young bucks like yourself.
>When you break one of the retention levers (they get brittle with age),
>drop me a line.  I have some 3D printed up from nylon that work just fine.

Thank You Chuck -

You are correct - I would never try that again.

I appreciate the offer on the retension levers on the HP 7970.


Jack in the Rocky Mountains (cold and snowy day here at a forecast -2F :)

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