Looking for: 68000 C compilers

Phil Pemberton classiccmp at philpem.me.uk
Wed Feb 6 09:08:14 CST 2019


I'm (still) trying to reverse-engineer a ton of M68K ROM code which was 
apparently compiled with a circa-1990 C compiler.

Does anyone have copies of any of the following -- or any other C 
compilers for the 68K which were around at that time?

   * Sierra Systems 68000 C compiler (was part of some Sega Genesis 
developer kits)

   * HP 68000 C compiler (either the HP 64000 or MSDOS versions)
     (I believe this was sold as the "HP B3640 Motorola 68000 Family C
      Cross Compiler)

   * Lattice C

   * Anything not on this list ;)

My game plan is to take the compiled standard libraries from these 
compilers and build up some patterns/"fingerprints" to try and make a 
better guess at what the code is up to.
I figure if I can at least pin down the stdlib and floating-point code, I 
have a better chance at figuring out what the main code does.

I've seen the HP cross compiler manual on Bitsavers, but the compiler 
itself doesn't seem to be on bitsavers/bits.

philpem at philpem.me.uk

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