Mounting HP7970e 9-Trk 1/2" Tape Drive

Jay West jwest at
Tue Feb 5 07:24:33 CST 2019

I'm sure there is a post in the archives about this...

There is a special custom HP bracket on the left. It is a heavy piece of
steel - and it MUST be, due to the weight and movement (swing out) of the
unit. I'm used to finding ways for one person to do a two man job when
mounting things in racks, but just don't do it with the 7970 - you will get
hurt. I had to get someone to help mainly because it's not just sliding in
on some kind of rails. You have to literally hold the unit in place in mid
air in the rack while getting to bolts and holes to align that you can't
even get to from your side of the swingout. ISTR it's around 150# or so.
Even with two people, there was a lot of huffing and straining - and that is
with the special bracket that is designed to sort of hold it in place (it
doesn't really) while you bolt it in.

I've probably had around ten 7970's go through my shop, and only one of them
ever came with that bracket. It is almost always lost. So... I had a friend
of mine that owns a machine shop fabricate a new mounting bracket for the
7970. I think I had him make around 8 or so, and I sent them off to other
collectors for the cost of having them made or shipping or smth. These
brackets are 100% identical to the originals and made from steel that is at
least as strong as the original, probably more.

I think I may have an extra one of those brackets that was made, will check.


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