PDP-11/45 RSTS/E boot problem

Wayne S wayne.sudol at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 4 15:03:46 CST 2019

Yep,  I noticed that, but thought it was a idea you might want to explore and it’s simple enough to do.

Without the full output from the ls command and how it was executed I was just throwing it out there.

For instance, was the default dir where ls was run, the same dir as when the backgrounded one was run.

That would make a difference if the filesystem was corrupt. In previous threads, there was an issue getting the proper image onto the disk, there is the potential for corruption.

There is the assumption, since  boards were being worked on, that the problem for a software is probably due to said hardware, even though diags pass.  With that assumption,  shouldn’t you try to eliminate different hardware pieces?   I would try running something that uses memory and doesn’t use disk to narrow the problem down.


Take care and good luck,


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    > From: Wayne S

    > it might be a wonky filesystem. ...
    > The corruption probably came because the entire disk was going bad.

This theory is contradicted by the fact (mentioned several times, including in
the message you were replying to) that doing a plain 'ls' bombs, but 'sleep
300 &; ls' works fine.


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