Looking for Limited Function Board

Anders Sandahl anders at abc80.net
Mon Feb 4 12:51:05 CST 2019

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> Subject: Looking for Limited Function Board
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> Hi
> I'm restoring a PDP-8/a with the help of some
> friends. The CPU is now passing the MAINDECs I've
> thrown at it. The memory is a modern semiconductor
> board my friend Anders Sandahl made.
> This machine is pieced together from several others
> and the limited function panel I got does not match
> the backplane I have.
> My theory is the DEC simplified the design of the
> boardto cut costs and simpler design is not
> compatible. Mine is labeled (on the PCB):
> 5411507
> 5011506C-P2"
> And the one I need is:
> 5411165
> 5011167"
> However, the picture I have of the other is not so
> good. I may have read the numbera wrong.
> I would very much like to buy one to finish this
> project.
> /P

Får du inget napp så ritar jag upp ett kort till dig, det borde gå att
flytta över brytarna från det du har. Lite synd att scrappa ett
originalkort bara, men är man försiktigt så man inte tar sönder det så går
det ju att återställa...


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