More facets of hard disk recovery (SA1000, RD53) and emulation

David Gesswein djg at
Fri Feb 1 19:37:48 CST 2019

I have made a SA1000 adapter board for my MFM reader emulator. I did a
small run which seems to work so if you are interested email me to get
in on the next order. Prices may get a little better if I get enough

I have used it for reading Shugart SA1004 and Quantum Q2040 drives.
Another has used it to replace drive in a TRS-80 Model II 8 Meg drive unit.

Some other items that may be of interest:

Dealing with stuck head problem with Quantum Q2040 drives

Using a DAC to pull the head servo to recover otherwise unreadable data
from DEC RD53 drive. Also procedure tried for Q2040 but data had been erased
so not successful.

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