Nat Semi 16032 info discovered

alan at alan at
Mon Apr 29 19:10:31 CDT 2019

While this isn't specific to 16032, it is somewhat related.  A year and 
a half ago, someone found the Gerber files for Scolaro's PC532 Baby AT 
motherboard.  I back-annotated them into Eagle (I don't use KiCad) where 
they could be edited.  The ground fill from the Gerbers was replaced 
with ground pours from Eagle.  And there are very minor clean-ups to the 
board art work.  I used my own judgement in what was in-spirit with the 
original design.  The schematic drawing is entirely new.  While it does 
not match the style of the original, it is electrically correct and 
fully forward/back annotates to the PCB artwork.

I just moved it from my private repo to my public facing one here:

Hopefully someone else can also make use of it.


PS. I recently discovered does reasonably priced 6-layer 
boards if anyone wants to do reproductions of it.

On 2019-04-29 13:07, Steven M Jones via cctalk wrote:

> Well, I have an abiding interest in the Nat Semi 32k series. I'm not
> connected to it, but the website seems to
> indicate there are others.

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