Pleas ID this IBM system....

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Great! As Will says, this acquisition price is a small part of what it costs to move, install and repair the system, so they got a very reasonable deal. Can you at least tell us if it is coming stateside, or is it staying in Europe?



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On 16/04/2019 22:22, William Donzelli via cctalk wrote:

Clearly the pile was not purchased for scrap, so it will be

interesting to see where it ends up. We may never know, with the

secretive nature of big iron collectors..


I know one of the group that bought it, but I am not sure if they are on

the list.


I believe the intention is to attempt to restore the /20 + peripherals.

Not sure about plans for the 370. It is a huge task, but they are keen.


So rest assured it won't be scrapped, and it won't disappear into a



Please don't ask me who it is. They are welcome to announce themselves

if they wish.


And it's not classic, but here's an IBM z/Series converted into a beer




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