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On 15 April 2019 at 07:35 BST, Ethan Dicks wrote:
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>> Not in the UK, but Mitch Miller at Keyways Inc ( has tested/working cards at reasonable prices.  I had the same issue on a recent MicroVAX II upgrade, I replaced a incompatible DEQNA with a DELQA.  I’ve bought near a dozen cards from him, honest dealer and experienced with DEC stuff.
> He's near me (about 90 minutes West).  I used to run into him at
> computer shows/hamvention in Dayton.  He is definitely experienced and
> trustworthy.  He has some stratospheric prices on some items, but
> those are typically the prices and items for businesses with immediate
> need and someone to stand behind the product.  I haven't purchased
> from him recently (since the Dayton Computer Shows ended) but I've
> heard from others that he can be accommodating to hobbyists where
> possible.
> -ethan

Thanks both, yes I have spoken to Mitch a few times in the past and he
does seem like a nice / genuine guy. I will keep Keyways in mind. The
main annoyance for me is paying import tax but perhaps it won't be too

I think I do have a DELQA card but it is in a VAX 4000/300 and riveted
to a quad width frame.


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