Re: 34 pin Card Edge “Male to Male” Connector

Paul Koning paulkoning at
Wed Nov 28 19:13:39 CST 2018

> On Nov 28, 2018, at 8:01 PM, William Sudbrink via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> I'm not sure you're quite getting it... they say a picture is worth a thousand words:
> Assuming I make up some gerbers myself, two questions:
> 1) how do you specify the slightly beveled edge required for easy insertion?
> 2) is there some way to specify "hardened" or whatever plating for the connector traces?
> And actually a third: Does anyone have a particular PCB company that they like, communications wise?

I can't help with the first two -- I would be interested in answers to that myself.  For #1, I suppose a file could be used.

For #3: I have only used a professional PCB fab twice, years apart, but was quite happy both times.  PCB-Pool.  Once for a quantity 1 order, once for quantity 10.  The fact you can do quantity 1 is pretty nice, that's where the "pool" in the name comes from.

With the second order they offered a solder paste stencil at no charge, which I should have taken them up on but I didn't.  TSOP is a pain even with fine tips and fine solder; I've seen some good articles on how to do reflow soldering in a toaster oven.  Next time,  perhaps.


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