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On Tue, 27 Nov 2018, systems_glitch via cctalk wrote:
> Scorched earth, it's the only way to be sure.
> Never trusted a system after compromise, even vintage ones :P

On Classic machines, a low-level format of the hard drive, done on another 
machine, should be fine, or even after a clean floppy boot (but "clean 
floppy boot" seemed to go away with WIN95 - "Why am I getting hard drive 
activity before even getting the prompt?")

But, with over-writeable BIOS, I'm not so sure any more.

BTW, in lieu of SUBSCRIBING to FixMeStick, there are other ones available.
IFF you can follow instructions (an obvious obstacle for FixMeStick's 
target customers), you can download and create a wide variety of them. 
Some CD, some USB.
Even Microsoft has one!  "Windows Defender Offline" does all of the steps 
for you to create a 300MB BOOTABLE USB thumb drive for XP, Win7, 8, 
10, that goes straight to running its own copy of Microsoft "Security 

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