A New Batch from Sellam's Warehouse

Sellam Ismail sellam.ismail at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 00:10:20 CST 2018

It's been quite a hiatus, but I'm finally back with more!

Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer
Advantech I.Q. Unlimited Computer
Heath ZKB-2 keyboard
EMP MM-102 Manual Mini Modem
Lexicon LEX-12 Direct/Acoustically Coupled Modem
Univsersal Data Systems 103 LP Modem (boxed)
Univsersal Data Systems 103 LP Modem
Morrow Designs Micro Decision
HP 9111A Graphics Tablet
SyQuest SQ3270S Cartirdge Disk Drive
IBM Type 3363 Optical WORM Drive
Macintosh SE FDHD
Macintosh PowerBook Duo 2300c
Apple M1242 Adjustable Keyboard
Electomechanical keyboard
Pertec Computer Corp. Univac Keypunch Keyboard
HP Thermal Printer Paper pack
HP 9816
HP 110 Portable w/9114A, 2225B and original HP carry case
Anderson Jacobsen AJ 1233 Acoustically Coupled Modem
Ven-Tel MD212 Plus Modem
Mass Micro Systems Dual 45MB SCSI Removable Hard Drive
Novation Cat acoustically coupled modem
DEC DF02 Modem
IBM 5140 PC Convertible
Iomega The Bernoulli Box II PC2/50 Adapter Kit
Zenith SuperSport Lap Top Computer
Zenith SuperSport 286 Portable Computer
Compaq Armada 1500 series laptop prototype
Compaq LTE 5000 series laptop prototype

The New Arrivals Niche is your guide to the goodies:


Please contact me directly by e-mail if you want to inquire about something:

sellam.ismail at gmail.com

I apologize for my absence, I got tied up with life issues. To those who
are waiting on me to send them something, I did not forget about you and
will be sending you an update via e-mail. If I owe you something and you
have not heard from me then by all means please contact me ASAP so I may
rectify that.



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