SPARCstation 20 with SCSI2SD

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Mon Nov 26 16:08:49 CST 2018

They're still made, but the new ones don't always work in place of the old
ones -- not 100% anyway. It's been my experience that, on sun4c and sun4m,
new 48T02s and 48T08s aren't 100% compatible. I've mentioned others'
suggestions on what the differences are in my Tindie listings, and on the
writeup on my site. That's why I designed the rebuild modules I've got
available, I had around 50 48T02s to process! Writeup here:

(it's for the 48T02, but the process is the same...just the GW-48T08-1 is a
little longer)

The "not 100% compatible" symptom is that the clock fails power-on
diagnostics, and some machines will drop to OpenBoot/firmware monitor
prompt when that happens. NVRAM settings will be retained, but the clock
may or may not run, and some machines won't auto-boot.

I don't have any spare modules to rebuild, so I don't have premade
replacements up at the moment. I've been rebuilding them for people when
they send in their dead modules, but I'd guess most people here can do the
rebuild themselves, time permitting. I wouldn't cut into the encapsulation
with a powered tool like a Dremel, unless you're going to wear a face mask.
I use a hacksaw with Lenox fine kerf blades. Any blade will do if you're
only rebuilding a few NVRAMs.


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> On 11/25/18 7:49 PM, Ethan via cctalk wrote:
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> >
> >> The NVRAM is totally dead; I've been reloading the IDPROM contents each
> >> time. I've already ordered replacement NVRAMs from China; we'll see how
> >> they do. Otherwise, I'll be going with the filing/coin cell trick.
> >
> > Interesting. Are they no longer made? I should get one for my Voyager.
> >
> They are still made. I usually get M48T08s or M48T18s from Mouser.
> In the long run, it is probably a good idea to mod the IDPROM to use an
> external, replaceable battery, Glitch Works makes a board that one can
> solder on to do that
> (
> ).
> alan

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