SPARCstation 20 with SCSI2SD

Alan Perry aperry at
Sun Nov 25 22:30:07 CST 2018

On 11/25/18 7:49 PM, Ethan via cctalk wrote:
>> The NVRAM is totally dead; I've been reloading the IDPROM contents each
>> time. I've already ordered replacement NVRAMs from China; we'll see how
>> they do. Otherwise, I'll be going with the filing/coin cell trick.
> Interesting. Are they no longer made? I should get one for my Voyager.
They are still made. I usually get M48T08s or M48T18s from Mouser.

In the long run, it is probably a good idea to mod the IDPROM to use an 
external, replaceable battery, Glitch Works makes a board that one can 
solder on to do that 


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