Text encoding Babel. Was Re: George Keremedjiev

Guy Dunphy guykd at optusnet.com.au
Fri Nov 23 15:56:09 CST 2018

Resend, just in case that screen-cap image attachment fails. It is also here:

>Will require
>some way to compare mailboxes in search of pattern in missing
>emails... Which may or may not be obvious... which will lead to more
>puzzles... oy maybe I should have stayed muted and let others do the

Here's one check. See attached screen-cap of cctalk emails. Usually many per
day, but only one per day on the 15th & 16th Nov, none at all on the 17th.
Did the list actually go silent then? It's possible by random ebb and flow,
or maybe everyone was in shock over the awful Paradise fire death toll.
Which may be over 1000, unless a lot of people listed as missing do turn up.


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