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Wed Nov 21 18:11:04 CST 2018

I spent six weeks at MSU Bozeman this past Summer integrating a
performance-boosting, wide-area network-distributed database enhancement to
an augmented reality project sponsored through the Western Transportation
Institute there.  I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the museum, which is a
couple of blocks from WTI, and I was working some weekend and Summer time
into my schedule to volunteer there.  However, with George’s passing, that
means I’ll need to step up even more, despite the 6.5-hour round trip from
where I’m teaching STEM, including computing and robotics.

I started as one of the early senior docents at the Computer History Museum
when it was in the uninsulated metal Butler buildings across from Hangar
One at Moffett Field.   Then I participated in the move to its current
location in Silicon Graphics’ former international marketing building on
North Shoreline Blvd,  followed by the opening of the R|Evolution exhibit.
I then worked on the exhibition of Babbage Difference Engine Design Number
Two, Serial Number Two, which I presented, operated, and maintained.
That’s real vintage computing, where the operator isn’t just the power
supply, but also provides critical timing as the clock, cranking steadily
despite a change in required force from a few pounds up to about 25 pounds
during each cycle!

All the Best,

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>  This has not been a good few months for historical/vintage computer people

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