What is windoes doing?

ethan at 757.org ethan at 757.org
Mon Nov 19 10:41:12 CST 2018

> I have a question. I use the USB port for serial. In my program, I use a 
> fixed com port. When going to the control panel, I find that I see (in 
> use) tags on some of the com ports. I'm the only one currently using the 
> com ports but recently another (in use) showed up, requiring me to 
> modify my program to use another com port. How does one unuse a com 
> port? how do I find out what is using it so I can stop it? I'm using 
> windows 7 professional. Has anyone else had this problem? Dwight

Do you unplug the USB to Serial dongle with a terminal program open?

 		- Ethan

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