ISA sound and video cards, and PCI? AGP?

devin davison lyokoboy0 at
Thu Nov 8 15:14:51 CST 2018

Ive been kinda debating setting up a web store and stockpiling the nicer
pci, isa and agp cards that would be otherwise scrapped out at the shop. If
you are in need of a card, let me know and i can set you up with a deal,
tested worKing.

 just send me an email with what you need and i will let you know whats in
stock. Idea is to catch the good cards before they end up in the barrel.
Even still ive had about 50/50 luck with getting stuff to work once its out

On Thu, Nov 8, 2018 at 3:15 PM William Donzelli via cctalk <
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> > $7-10 to sort out and carefully handle (vs usual strip for gold
> recovery),
> > seems pretty reasonable to me. I'd expect the cost has more to do with
> > labor than gold being recovered.
> Yes, probably half of the asking price is the metal, the rest is
> labor, shipping and handling, and just a plain old premium for the
> scrapper to do something different.
> Of the metal value, it is mostly gold, but also palladium, platinum,
> rhodium, silver, tantalum, and copper. When the boards are melted into
> the big ingots, they tend to be mostly copper - and that is certainly
> worth money.
> Also, just "being a board" has value. Scrappers sometimes need to make
> quotas or limits with the refineries in order to get good refining
> rates.
> I realize none of this will sink in.
> --
> Will

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