ISA sound and video cards, and PCI? AGP?

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Thu Nov 8 14:15:09 CST 2018

> $7-10 to sort out and carefully handle (vs usual strip for gold recovery),
> seems pretty reasonable to me. I'd expect the cost has more to do with
> labor than gold being recovered.

Yes, probably half of the asking price is the metal, the rest is
labor, shipping and handling, and just a plain old premium for the
scrapper to do something different.

Of the metal value, it is mostly gold, but also palladium, platinum,
rhodium, silver, tantalum, and copper. When the boards are melted into
the big ingots, they tend to be mostly copper - and that is certainly
worth money.

Also, just "being a board" has value. Scrappers sometimes need to make
quotas or limits with the refineries in order to get good refining

I realize none of this will sink in.


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