Rugged Nova

erik at erik at
Tue Nov 6 03:22:35 CST 2018

Hi Jeffrey,

thanks for your answer and recollections on the famous hammer test ;-)

> hangar.  I was mesmerized as two weights were released from two chains
> on opposite sides of the machine as it was running.  The two weights

There is a youtube video showing some of the testing...

..but the hammer is not hitting the device under test directly, but
it is hitting a big steel plate where the device is mounted to (indeed
simulating a submarine in harsh "conditions")...

> up the Liberty bell, or crashed a VW into a lightpole.  The machine
> continued to function!

Yes, lot of metal inside those Rolms. Although all Aluminium, they 
are veeery heavy and I always wondered how many of them also have
been used in airborne applications, where weight is an issue ;-)

Best wishes,


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