Rugged Nova

Jeffrey S. Worley technoid6502 at
Mon Nov 5 15:49:35 CST 2018

I got into the Data General scene in the late 1990's, when I received
an Eclipse as a gift from a client who no longer needed it.

In my search for docs, software, and other information I met some
interesting people.  One was in the Navy in the 1980's in data
processing.  He recounted to me:

I was visiting a hangar where machines were being warehoused and tested
prior to acceptance. I saw a lot of odd tests conducted, shocks, water,
fire, smoke, the works, or so I thought.

Once when there I saw a Hawk (That was a Data General milspec 'Eagle' -
Eclipse 32 bit machine) suspended by chains from the overhead of the
hangar.  I was mesmerized as two weights were released from two chains
on opposite sides of the machine as it was running.  The two weights
slammed into the sides of the machine at approximately the same time
and the results were pretty spectacular.  It sounded like someone blew
up the Liberty bell, or crashed a VW into a lightpole.  The machine
continued to function!

Most of the things that went on around there were classified to some
degree or other and one got used to not asking questions, but as I
looked over in bewilderment to my buddy in the group of tester, he said
to me darkly "Depth Charges".


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