A very sad PDP-8/S

Guy Dunphy guykd at optusnet.com.au
Sat Nov 3 17:24:20 CDT 2018

A huge thanks to everyone providing useful information and resource links, on and off list.
My apologies; I'm a bit overloaded atm, and am getting behind on individual replies.
I'm keeping all replies and will respond eventually.

About the front panel lights board:
It's a relief to discover that it's simple and making a replacement will be easy.
But before anyone leaps in and starts working up a PCB design, be aware that on
my one at least, a replacement panel will use LEDs not light bulbs. Once assembled
I'd like to not have to frequently disassemble it, forever replacing dead bulbs.
This overrides historical veracity.
I can do the PCB myself.

As for the LED color, how about super-bright blue? Or violet?
Ha ha, just kidding. Dim warm orange it will be.

The original power supply - I'm amazed to hear it was a simple ferro-resonant transformer
regulated type, with just rectifiers and caps. How cool, that the computer circuits
don't care if the DC rails are a little off.
I hope I can find an original, since that really is part of the machine's historical nature.


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