A very sad PDP-8/S

ED SHARPE couryhouse at aol.com
Sat Nov 3 15:38:04 CDT 2018

the   SMECC  8s   I  seem to  remember a  case  around it?

looking at  google  this  looks  just  like that  case around it   ok  look  below  this  photo   for  the link  or photo  of the  8i that looked  like a  decwritter  case... sadly  over  30 years had  anough  parts  to  put  one of these  back  together.....   alas   I  do no  have now...


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> This is rather sad.
> I've received a PDP-8/S. It turns out to be missing so much, that it's probably beyond restoration.
> Anyone who can think of potential ways to find the missing parts, please speak up.
> http://everist.org/pics/PDP-8S/
> Missing:
> - Front panel PCB,
> - Case top AND bottom,
> - Power supply.
> - Some flip-chip slots are empty. Not sure if supposed to be.
> Also there's no sign of any I/O circuitry.
> A curse on slack people who remove stuff from a machine for servicing or whatever,
> then never got around to putting it back. Resulting in this kind of tragedy.
Well, the most serious thing is the front panel board. The 
switches appear to be there, which would be the hardest 
thing to replace. You could make a display board by hand, 
there really aren't that many LEDs t (or bulbs, if you are a 
purist) to it.

The I/O was all external on the early 8's, except for maybe 
the console serial port.
Power supplies should be easy to whip up. I'm not sure the 
8S actually HAD a case top and bottom, all the ones I've 
seen were bare like yours.


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