BBS card, ISA8bit multi serial, 4 channels

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Thu Nov 1 22:19:08 CDT 2018

On 11/1/18 5:40 PM, ED SHARPE via cctalk wrote:
> somewhere we  have a  bunch  of  ISA  cards  that  are  like the
> ports on my hp  time share  system  just  not  16 ports...I seem  to
> remember   between  4 and  8...  and they  were   for a   PC  type
> machine  of  course  with the  ISA ports.    Although  seen  years
> ago  I  think I  remember  which   shelf  rack they  got   crammed
> into.  - Anyone  remember  something  like  this? as  i  remember
> there  are  enough  of  them  to  let   some   go. Ed#  at  SMECC
While trying to clean out a bookcase today, I ran across an ALMAC/ARROW
catalog--commercial supplier of everything from HP9000 systems, Sun
Workstations, etc.  At any rate, Digiboard was the big supplier of PC
serial add-in boards.  The PC/Xem supported up to 32 serial channels.

Just leafing through the catalog, I ran across one item I'd never heard
of--the NCR 3125 Notepad compauter  8.5x11 480x640 VGA-compatible LCD
screen.  I guess it might be called a "tablet" today.


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