Help on a 1998 Award BIOS chip

CuriousMarc curiousmarc3 at
Mon Apr 16 02:08:59 CDT 2018

After battling for days with a Dolch 65 that developed the two-tone
beep-of-death on boot, I finally found that it's just my BIOS ROM that has
gone bad. The BIOS happens to be an Award BIOS, says "Award 1998 PCI/PNP
686" on the chip. It's a square chip with pins on the side. 

Photo here:


So I thought I might just ask. Anyone has a dead Dolch 65 motherboard from
which I could steal a BIOS chip. The board is actually an Advantech CI6BM-B1
industrial single board computer. 


Or alternately, can someone identify what kind of ROM or EEPROM that likely
is, and provide advice on how to read the data from a good chip (I have
another good chip in another Dolch, that's how I found out what my problem
was), and program a similar chip.




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