Tektronix 405 diagnostic Rom Pack copies available.

jos jos.dreesen at greenmail.ch
Sun Apr 15 10:02:16 CDT 2018

As mentioned before , i made a functional copy of the Tektronix 4052 Diagnostic Rom Pack .

PCB's are back, units do work ( minus a small issue with the wrong orientation of the LED's )

Go to


  and find my dokumentation DiagPack_Manual.pdf , decide if this is what you want, and order ( or not...)

Also please read the original TEK doku TEK4052_4054_Diagnostic_Rom_Pack.pdf in order to understand what this unit can and cannot do.

Prices, in short : PCB only 20 Euro/25 USD, populated and tested 60/75, add 20/25 for a fitting 3D printed casing.

And do feel free to construct your own with the data from my FTP site.

This pack should also work on the 4054, but since I do not have such a machine this feature is untested.

Jos, now wondering whether I will ever sell the 20 PCB's I have...

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