what is this NCR modem? what did it go to?

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Mon Nov 27 13:54:31 CST 2017

On 11/27/2017 11:15 AM, Alan Frisbie via cctalk wrote:

> Back in those days you could not connect anything directly to the telephone
> lines -- you had to use the telco-supplied DAA (kaching!) or an acoustic
> coupler.   I don't know if this modem can be connected directly to a phone
> line without a DAA.
> I think the asking price is totally unrealistic unless you are a rabid
> collector of NCR gear.

This particular unit seems to have a Mickey-mouse type of
coupler--receiver and transmitter connected by a cord.  I never did
figure out how one was supposed to use this with, say, a Trimline phone.
 I guess the answer was "you don't").

We've come a long way since the Carterfone decision.  I do recall
agonizing about the rental (you couldn't buy one from Ma Bell) charge
for a DAA.  The local PacBell office also wanted to charge for a
"business" line if such an item was installed--much higher monthly
charge than a residential line.

I suppose that DAA's are still around for connection of non-licensed
gear to landlines.  Those should rapidly be disappearing, with the
decline of the copper telco connection.


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