Kodak Diconix 150plus - looking for info

Robert Feldman r_a_feldman at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 26 21:26:16 CST 2017

>Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2017 23:27:29 +0000
>From: Philip Pemberton <classiccmp at philpem.me.uk>
>Hi folks,
>I just picked up a Kodak Diconix 150 Plus portable inkjet printer. No
>power supply or documentation, but it works fine.

>Which brings me onto my question... Does anyone have any information on
>this printer?

I have a Diconix 180si, with User Manual and Technical Reference manual.

>I'm mainly looking for a DIP switch table (annoyingly, it won't produce
>a config print - just a test page). I'd also love to find some details
>on the control codes, emulations and character sets it supports.

The 180si does not use DIP switches, so I can't help with that. The Tech Ref manual does have Command Code and Character Set info, however. The whole manual is a bit over 100 pages. I can scan it if you are interested.

>Also - does anyone know what the material on the printhead capping
>station is, or if they're still available?
>It looks like a cardboard or blotting paper pad with a plastic backing
>card. This one is soaked in ink and looks like it could do with being
>replaced. I assume it's to stop the cartridge from drying out?

The 180si uses one also. It "catches a spray of ink which the printer uses to clear the printhead cartridge before printing." A new pad is included in each printhead cartridge container.

>I've put a HP 51604A (expired 2012!) cartridge in there, and it seems
>happy enough.

>classiccmp at philpem.me.uk


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