PC-Letter "WUI" War over User Interface 1-1988

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 10:36:14 CST 2017

Here is an interesting article from early 1988 (probably written in min
1987) that compares and contrasts GUIs of the day.  Interesting that they
do not mention OS/2 by name, by this point it would have been available,
given I used it in Jan 1987 when I was working at IBM.  Also the XEROX
interface was not yet dead as the author makes it seem.  If anyone used
Page Maker on a 1987/88 Xerox machine and compared that with "Windows OS/2"
machine trying to run the Page Maker on a PS/2 80 you'd probably agree.

Basically I am unsure what planet the author was from, but you can decide
for yourself.  Talks a little about HP's GUI product, Sun/AT&T, Apple
Finder, etc.  Mentions NeXT is coming, Commodore is dead, ... opinionated.



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