Looking for Silent 700 model 787 manual

Chris Elmquist chrise at pobox.com
Sun Nov 19 21:18:31 CST 2017

On Sunday (11/19/2017 at 05:46PM -0800), Fred Cisin via cctalk wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Nov 2017, Chris Elmquist via cctalk wrote:
> >I recently acquired a TI Silent 700 model 787 terminal.  This cc 1980
> >unit is an interesting member of the Silent 700 family as it is capable
> >of 120 chars/sec printing and has an internal 300/1200 baud direct connect
> >modem that does Bell 103, Bell 212A and Vadic modulation in both originate
> >and answer modes.
> >It's a got a DB25 on the back for directly connecting serial but I don't
> >have any documentation on how to choose the internal modem vs the DB25
> >for comms or any pinouts for this DB25 outside the usual expectations
> >of RS232 on a DB25.
> Some models of Silent 700 had a connector (I seem to remember it as maybe
> being DA-15?, instead of DB-25?) that permitted it to connect to external
> modem, AND permitted external devices to connect to the Silent 700 internal
> modem, or a loop back (defaulted to jumpered to that internally)
> ofconnecting the terminal to its modem.

Yes indeed.  I have several of those, model 745 as one example, and it
is a DA15 for which I have the pinout and made a cable for hooking to
various old micros here.

This 787 is a later generation with some noticable differences in the
connectoring, switches, LEDs, etc.   It is for sure a DB25 female and
below that, behind a flip-up cover, is an RJ11/13 (six pin) telephone
jack for the modem.

The unit is also taller/thicker than the 745 generation.  It's roughly
another inch thick with the extra bulk on the bottom.  At first I thought
it might be a model with bubble memory but it is not.  Instead, it's the
"go faster" model with 120cps rather than 30cps printing.

There is a flip-card instruction manual inside the paper door which does
reveal some keyboard commands to change the baud rate (up to 9600 bps)
and the modem modulation and answer vs originate but there are no clues
about how to select modem or serial port or other more hardware specific

Will be on the hunt for a service manual now.  I have such for both my
1st (model 725) and 2nd (model 745) generation units so might as well
get one for this beast too.

Chris Elmquist

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